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With the establishment of the cathedral chapter in Quedlinburg approximately 1,000 years ago, flowers and vegetables were cultivated on a large scale in the gardens belonging to the chapter. This also included seed multiplication, benefiting from the rain shadow of the Harz Mountains. 

Quedlinburg´s rise to a world renown seed-breeding city is associated with the establish­ment of large-scale seed companies around the middle of the 19th century breeding sugar beets, vegetables and flowers. The large seed companies of Quedlinburg included the Dippe Brothers (Gebrüder Dippe) Heinrich Mette, David Sachs, Samuel Lorenz Ziemann as well as many other smaller companies, so that a landscape of blooming fields characterized the city surroundings.


The International Seeds Processing GmbH traces their origins back to the old breeding companies. Under the government of the GDR the company performed trading for horticultural crop species under the name of the German Seed Company (Deutsche Saatgutgesellschaft - DSG) and later on under VEB Saat- und Pflanzgut für gartenbauliche Kulturarten (a government-owned seed and plant company). After the political changes of 1989 the company was taken over by a Swiss company, reorganized and resold. Since some years ISP GmbH was charged with the stock seed production, breeding of new varieties as well as sales for commercial horticulture and the wholesale industry. 

Today, ISP GmbH process about ten vegetable species as well as numerous species of flowers and ornamental herbs originating from own breeding activities.

The main focus of the Quedlinburg breeding range are

vegetable seeds:

  • dwarf bean
  • cucumbers
  • wrinkled peas
  • carrots
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • cabbages

as well as flower seeds:

  • Antirrhinum pendula
  • Callistephus chinensis
  • Dahlia
  • Dianthus barbatus, annuals
  • Ornamental herbs
  • Primula
  • Viola cornuta
  • Viola wittrockiana
  • plants multiplied by means of cuttings for beds and balconies

At present the Quedlinburger range of products covers 200 species with about 2000 varieties. They also include, in addition to the 400 tried and tested Quedlinburger varieties, international breeds. The new outstanding Quedlinburger breeds of the last years were awarded at international horticultural exhibitions and trade fairs. A broad spectrum of vegetable and flower seeds, as well as young plants and seeds for landscaping are sold all over the world. 

We are able to guarantee professional and punctual production and delivery. ISP GmbH - stands for quality and a proven tradition with over a century of Quedlinburg plant breeding experience.

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